November 26, 2018

First multimodal trip planning app deployed across the continent capable of reducing carbon emissions and measuring the modal shift

  • Solves complex commutes by offering customized routes that aggregates and combines any transportation option to move around the city

  • ...

September 26, 2018

Finds up to 40% faster ways around the city while directly reducing CO2 emissions: plans to expand across North America this year


Vancouver, BC – With Metro Vancouverites back to their work and school commutes this month, Cowlines, the multimodal tr...

June 15, 2018

Findings of the multimodal transportation pilot with the Cowlines app released; massive savings of CO2 emissions and other key learnings 

VANCOUVER, BC - Greenlines Technology, Inc (Greenlines), makers of the Cowlines app, released today the report with the preliminary...

March 14, 2018

Vancouver start-up beta testing this month, available to public early April

Vancouver, BC - Cowlines, an app being beta-tested in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley this month, is giving Google Maps a run for its money, especially when it comes to car-free travel. Co...

March 6, 2018

Vancouver startup beta tests this month, displaying real-time information from most public and private mobility providers, brings on Jonathan Whitworth


Vancouver, BC, Canada, 3/03/2018 – Cowlines, an app being beta-tested in Metro Vancouver and the...

March 5, 2018


Vancouver, BC, Canada 3/1/2018 – David Oliver, CEO of Cowlines Mobility Group Corp. announced this week at Vancouver that the company will officially be changing its name to Greenlines Technology, Inc. as of 3/1/2018....

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Greenlines Technology is revolutionizing urban mobility by moving the world towards more sustainable modes of transport.

Our groundbreaking multimodal mobility app, Cowlines, combines hundreds of transportation providers to get you there faster while reducing the CO2 impact while you move.

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