Can this App shave valuable minutes off your commute while reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Vancouver startup beta tests this month, displaying real-time information from most public and private mobility providers, brings on Jonathan Whitworth


Vancouver, BC, Canada, 3/03/2018 – Cowlines, an app being beta-tested in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley this month, is giving Google Maps a run for its money, especially when it comes to car-free travel. Cowlines, run by the Vancouver start-up Greenlines Technology Inc. is the first app of its kind to integrate multiple modes of transport into one, multimodal trip, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We knew that multimodal transportation: combining different modes of transport into a single trip, would likely provide better results than other single-mode apps,” said David Oliver, Greenlines Co-founder and CEO, but what surprised us was how the ability to define your own parameters, such as walking time, provide seamless and faster trips than most other apps in many cases.”

In a trip from Mount Pleasant to SFU for example, Cowlines calibrated a route that would take 1 hour and incorporate a Mobi bike ride and a transit bus. The best car-free option Google Maps could provide was 1 hour, 13 minutes long. Most people would not think about combining the two modes of transport on their own, but doing so can save them time and reduce emissions at the same time.

Real-time information from both public transit agencies in BC, together with Modo Car Coop, Mobi bikes are part of the app as well as taxis. When Vancouver welcomes ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, they will also be available in the system."

It’s this integration of multiple modes of transport that attracted former Seaspan ULC CEO Jonathan Whitworth to the company. “It’s the first time someone has put all the transportation pieces together. This technology is a creative way of viewing mobility and it’s what sets Cowlines apart from other transportation innovations,” said Whitworth. “Cowlines does two simple things, it makes peoples’ lives easier and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and those two things have a global impact.”

Whitworth, who retired from Seaspan last year has taken on this project because of the potential he sees.

“Jonathan is an incredible professional who brings a wealth of expertise at the highest levels of industry and government. His life-time marine industry background, strategic thinking and credentials not only provides us with a magnificent pool of expertise but also helps us ensure strategic alignment with key stakeholders regionally and nationally,” said Oliver.

Cowlines is running an invite-only beta test this month from March 5 to 31, with the app to go public in April. The app offers three trip options: fastest, best and cheapest.The app provides users with a total cost of their trip along with the travel time and CO2 emissions vs. an equivalent private vehicle trip. The name cowlines comes from the term “cowpaths” or “desire paths” used by city planners to design the optimal paths in places such as parks, etc, mimicking the behaviour of cows when they roam across an open field.

Those who want to sign up to be a part of the beta test can do so on the website:


About Greenlines Technology, Inc.:

Greenlines is a leading provider of mobility services, focused on multimodal platforms for end users and greenhouse gas reduction solutions. Greenlines’ unique business model integrates the main players in the transportation industry. The company’s mission is to help transition the world towards more sustainable modes of transport through by deploying a seamless multi-modal software platform. The company’s focus is on putting the users and the environment first and providing the best transportation app to get you where you’re going faster, cheaper and in a more environmentally friendly way.

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